I believe in having pieces you truly love in your home, one's that give you great memories.

SUBJECT: Julianne Alexandra Delos Santos 

We came across Julianne and were immediately drawn to her practice, and after spending some time with her we discovered bright energy & an individual who’s truly passionate about their work. Julianne has quickly become a force in the bustling Miami Design scene with an approach that’s a departure from the expected Miami Aesthetic. A style that’s self-described as Minimal Bohemian with Wabi-Sabi influence and cultural inspirations from travels all over the world. Julianne is defining new ways to live small, live slow, and create living spaces that encourage mindfulness. You’ll find calming vibes from a variety of slow-living cultures, mixed with fundamentally minimalist principles to elevate living. Julianne is based in Downtown Miami, working on projects all over the city, and remotely on projects across the country & abroad. She’s keen on integrating both her Filipino heritage and more representation of diverse cultures in high design.

Traveling, loving, and experiencing life are core tenets that distinguish her method and pieces from these travels often find their way into Julianne’s work. What’s remarkably unique about Julianne’s approach, is the certain inclusivity aspect that showcases affordable ways to achieve distinct aesthetics and live more conscious overall. It goes without saying, but we’ll say it any, we’re excited for what’s on the horizon for Julianne.


THE OBJECT: Hand Made Ceramic Bowl  

A mixed-use piece in Julianne’s home, commonly used as a home for Sage & Palo Santo. Walking through Julianne’s live-work studio we found it among great company with several other artisanal artifacts from all over the world. 

I bought it in Tulum, MX in 2020 at a local market close to the Airbnb where I was staying. It was the first time I was in Tulum, I was so inspired by the energy & Bohemian design approach there. Since then, a lot of my design inspiration has come from Tulum. I resonate with the simplicity and beauty of this bowl. It is also handmade. I believe in supporting Artisans when I travel and when designing for projects. There is just something so special about collecting objects during your travels and as a Designer, I believe in having pieces you truly love in your home that give you great memories, joy and add more beauty to your space. I usually fill it with sage and palo santo sticks next to my crystals. I recently started gratitude journaling again so I also place my journal next to these pieces. It's an essential piece in my spiritual journey! 

Simplicity and honesty are a red thread you can find throughout Julianne’s projects. An intention wherein every object has purpose and meaning, evoking memory & emotion. In this way, you can have less, and each selected piece means so much more. 



Tell us about a time it was hard to be yourself, or when being yourself led to a breakthrough? 

 The road to aligning her practice with her purpose has been the best example of functioning as yourself. For Julianne, it took diving into uncertainty and still takes a conscious effort, going heart-led through uncertainty & fear, it’s a  passion that will not burn out any time soon. 



I have a degree in Communications & worked in Luxury Fashion for several years before pursuing Interior Design. When I started my business, I had no idea what I was doing. Being a self-taught and new Designer, I was so nervous. When it got tough, and it did, I would remind myself that my first love since childhood was always Interior Design. I had to believe in myself, follow my passion and trust my talent. 

It's been 3 years since starting the business and I’ve been full-time for over a year now. I couldn’t be happier doing what I love for a living, and it’s giving me the ability to LIVE. The clients I’ve encountered and the creative people I’ve met in Miami along the way have been such a blessing, and all contribute to my success! It’s been a journey, that was very tough in the beginning. I had to go back into serving at restaurants while I was getting it off the ground. But, it was all worth it! I wholeheartedly believe in following your dreams. I’m still learning and growing every day and I feel like that should never stop. It’s been a process to align with what I really love, thrive in self-love, and have an unwavering belief that things will ultimately work out. 

At times, I pause, focus on being present, and remind myself to enjoy the process of being an Entrepreneur. 



My journey to Miami has been so life-changing and I am so thankful for all the experiences. They’ve all shaped the person I am today. However, it was far from easy. I moved across the country to a new city not knowing anyone. I relocated with a company I was with for six years in San Francisco. I had worked my way from the bottom to be one of the top Sales Managers with that company.

And, what most people who don’t know me personally, don’t know, is after six months in Miami I was fired from that job. It was a crushing blow after all the time & effort put in to feel so disposable. That’s all water under the bridge now and I wanted to share that to encourage & inspire others to go after their dreams. I am, however, so thankful for the time I worked there. I met so many amazing people and clients who I still keep in touch with to this day and I only wish the company more continued success. At that moment, being fired, I resolved to not work for anyone again. It was the push I needed to start my business and go after my dreams and come into alignment with my purpose. 

Julianne Alexandra Delos Santos is an Interior Designer and stylist that founded her business in Miami in 2019. Julianne uses the intersection of multicultural inspiration and the core principles of minimalism to elevate living. Experimenting with space, form, textures, and emotion to derive spaces that can be loved, be well-lived, and evoke positive memories. She believes our homes are our sanctuaries. 

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