THER  is a collection-based design brand & Studio. It’s the resulting confrontation between object language and human sense. It refers to a space where the elemental faces the unusual, across a common table. Embracing material properties and craftsmanship values. THER’s vision combines knowledge from both ceramics and cabinet making, establishing its presence within the scope of furniture and tableware. 

They create, direct, and capture solutions from the space to the table, bringing combined requests into contextual possibility. Tomas & Natasza are driven by a holistic approach and practical experience, between tableware and furniture production, and they offer made-to-measure capacities, with the kitchen and dining scope of home or business. 


AM WRKS  is a New York based design Studio. Founder Ariel Millan, has always been intrigued by finding an untold story. Formally training as an architect, Ariel gravitated towards unusual pov's; always seeking a hidden story or perspective.

Working as an architect in New York City for over 8 years, curiosity for exploring such stories has been dampened by building codes, long working hours and the need to fit into what an architect should be.

As a result, Ariel founded a small studio as a think tank for unearthing and exploring personal and collective narratives and allowing them to materialize into objects and spaces.

Ariel's work was featured and selected as a Finalist in the 2023 edition of NYC X Design.


Founded by Eddie Cohen & Calvin Lien. Walden creates products to inspire ritual, encourage the present moment, and honor tactility. Our products help create space for the self. Walden believes everyone needs a space to be present, explore the mind, and find stillness. Walden designs and engineers tools for meditation.

Their design studio & factory are both in Brooklyn, NY. And they are keen on working very closely with the factory to ensure our products are made to the highest standards.


Yellow Nose is a Berlin-based studio founded in 2017 by Hsin-Ying Ho and Kai-Ming Tung—a Taiwanese duo with backgrounds in architecture. The pair are constantly on a quest to find the perfect balance within space through handmade objects. Following a desire to create using raw materials in unforeseen ways, they craft with the organic to present items that are usually inorganic, display their logic through emotional processes, and ultimately propel their craft forward through waves of industrial design. Yellow Nose Studio endeavours to represent slow living through living tools for savouring the spaces we live in and walk through from day to day.

Images by:
Marina Denisova


OOO (Outstanding Ordinary Objects) is an evolving project exploring object culture,design and living. They study typologies, traditions, materials and processes to understand more about objects of interests their meaning and the people who make and use them.

Through OOO they hope to share new insights and creative ideas through the production of objects, media, publications, events and collaborations.

OOO was established by Chen Chingwen and Nicol Boyd, a couple who both also run their own independent design studios. The aim of this new collaboration is to enable exploration beyond the traditional boundaries of their design practice.

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PUBLIC-LIBRARY, founded in 2011 is the creative practice of Ramón Coronado & Marshall Rake. They construct visuals and ideas as vivid and as layered as the brands they believe in. Their work is the work of reduction, to deduce meaning while experimenting with space, form, and narrative to bring out nuance. They believe honesty in collaboration paves the way for meaningful design solutions and persisting partnerships.


Alberto and Alan are the two brothers and creatives behind ESSESI. Designed in Los Angeles California. Essesi is a growing collection that celebrates each object and its place in its environment. Designed to elevate a moment, stimulate curiosity and create conversation. Alberto Essesi was previously a Lead Industrial Designer at Tesla. Alan, was previously a Mechanical Engineer at FormLabs.All products are numbered and have a limited quantity, once they run out they will never restock.


Rosa lives and works in Mexico City. She draws on her background in architecture and interior design to create minimalist, experimental works that are both nuanced and beautifully crafted. Rosa is known for her elegant, simple forms, often incorporating surprise and whimsy. 

Her work questions and blurs the lines between art and design. Often, she is inspired by the tension between opposing ideas and contradictions: order and chaos, old and new, volume and void; inviting audiences to ponder the delicate balance between these seemingly contradictory forces. 

For Rosa, ceramics serve as a catalyst for her expression. Her clay sculptures are filled with emotion and skill as she shapes and sculpts it in a way that is intimate and precise. Embracing life's duality and materiality is the essence of every piece.


Celebrating the Art of Wabi-Sabi + the Beauty of Collectible Design. Jackie Chapman creates handmade wares from ethically sourced wood, with the hope that these sustainably made goods will inspire a life lived in the same way the pieces are made:

with intention, with passion and exceptionally


Eglė Šimkus is an artist and sculptor who's creativity is influenced by her multicultural upbringing. Her artistic perception was deeply influenced by the fusion of Lithuanian and Russian roots that she inherited from her mother and father when she was born in 1990. Currently practicing in France. A great deal of inspiration is drawn from imaginary ancient people living in perfect harmony with the environment that they inhabit. Generating a new mythology through fantasized visions. It's like discovering fragments of ancient human stories out of another world.


Kenneth is keen on bringing unexpected POV’s to both his craft and various aspects of his personal life. Self-described as a minimalist abstractionist, Kenneth presents familiar subjects in a uniquely unexpected way.


Art director @ INNI Music
Creative director/photographer @ SOVRN Skateboards
Branding consultant @ Isoko @ EPC @ Agora @ Fortium
Graphic Designer  @ Commune Capital
+ Freelance photographer & creative director


The artist Taku Tagami, who is based in Tokyo, explores new spaces through the use of sculpture, photography, and drawing. Starting his career as an architect, he sought to create with his hands. He is primarily inspired by everyday objects such as stones, driftwood, and bug-eaten leaves, as well as observations of nature changing over time. By combining observation and making, the microscopic and macroscopic, personal will and others' intervention, he hopes his work will become part of the environmental circulation.