NO 0018 Barro Negro Espresso Cup

by NO x THER

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A collaboration with THER to reinterpret the common Espresso Cup. An honest approach, utilizing Barro Negro - a national black clay uniquely found in Portugal. It’s not only durable, it has a natural depth and presence. Each cup is handcrafted, made by joining little pieces of clay inside a mold, smoothing only the interior and leaving the exterior raw. Follow the construction, lines to see how the cup came together. One is drawn to the distinct vessel, the materiality, the intricate construction, and the moment. The design makes you take it all in while enjoying the clean flavor and aroma of a shot of Espresso. Designed for a single shot (2oz).




Lead-free & non-toxic glaze
Color: Burnt Black
Etched with co-branded logo mark
Matte finish
Individually serialized
*Do not microwave

Barro Negro Espresso Cup
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