NO 0006 Essentials Organizer

by normalobjects

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A minimalist object for space savings & organization. 

Useful for storing or dividing items. Elevating, your essential writing tools and giving each one a home. A slide-out tray to hide things away when you want a clean space. 

**Note, flutes may not accommodate all pen diameters. Please check product dimensions carefully before purchase. Measurements are provided in the details below. Note, the slide-out drawer may be rigid at first and will wear in over continued use.


Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, often referred to as ABS
Dimensions:  Exterior 180 X 86 X 32 (mm), Interior Cavity 173 X 75 X 18(mm)
Weight: 236g

Essentials Organizer
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